Spiritual Gifts

Documents for Download

Instructions Guide for Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts  
This ACCFS-produced document provides you with an outline for Bible study about spiritual gifts and how to identify and develop your spiritual gifts. These instructions go along with three additional downloadable documents (below).
  1. Understanding and Developing Spiritual Gifts
  2. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
  3. Inventory of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity  

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts  
This free survey download, created by Lifeway, consists of 80 questions that will help you identify your Spiritual Gifts. This will help lead you to where God would have you serve as part of His vision and mission for the church.

Inventory of Spiritual and Emotional Maturity  
This inventory can help you identify areas where you are strong and areas where you need to grow spiritually and emotionally. Understanding these areas can help you overcome issues that may hinder your effectiveness in serving Christ and in using your spiritual gifts.  Created by Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

Personality & Spiritual Gifts in Marriage  
This document explains the different personalities and spiritual gifts that God blesses us with.  It includes exercises for couples to evaluate their similarities and differences, as well as how they can use their personality and spiritual gifts to strengthen their marriage.  This document was developed by ACCFS for church elders to use in premarital and marital counseling.  
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