Marriage Enrichment

Taking the time to nurture and grow your marriage relationship is one of the most worthwhile investements you can make!  Below are a variety of enrichment tools, exercises, presentations, and reading materials to help you.

Documents for Download

Module 1 - Affection, Love Languages, and Gender Differences In Marriage 
This document addresses affection in marriage, provides an overview of gender differences, and explains the different ways people express and receive love.

Module 2 - Communication in Marriage     LA COMUNICACIÓN DENTRO DEL MATRIMONIO
This document covers effective communication skills for couples.  In addition to reviewing biblical principles for good communication, it provides instruction and practical application exercises for couples to use.

Module 3 - Conflict Resolution Skills in Marriage  
This document provides information on how couples can work through conflict in healthy ways.  It reviews biblical principles about dealing with conflict and provides practical instruction and exercises for couples to use.

Module 4 - Developing the Spiritual Union in Marriage    COMO DESARROLLAR LA UNIÓN ESPIRITUAL DENTRO DEL MATRIMONIO
This document addresses how couples can develop spiritual oneness in their marriage relationship.  Biblical principles are reviewed and practical application and exercises for couples to use are provided.

Module 5 - Money Matters in Marriage  
This document discusses financial issues in marriage, identifies potential problems that can arise and provides Biblical money management guidelines. Also included is a financial bible study and a guide for budgeting. 

Module 6 - Personality & Spiritual Gifts in Marriage  
This document explains the different personalities and spiritual gifts that God blesses us with.  It includes exercises for couples to evaluate their similarities and differences, as well as how they can use their personality and spiritual gifts to strengthen their marriage.

Module 7 - Priorities and Stewardship of Time and Talents in Marriage  
This document gives you scriptural direction and biblical principles for your priorities and stewardship of your time and talents.  There are practical application and exercises for couples to use are provided.

Module 8 - Roles, Responsibilities, and Decision Making in Marriage  
This document provides scriptural direction and biblical principles regarding roles, responsibilities, and decision making in marriage.  There are practical application and exercises for couples to use are provided. 

Module 9 - Sexuality in Christian Marriage - Part I  
This document was written for engaged couples and covers scriptural direction and biblical principles related to God's plan for the sexual union in marriage. 
                Sexuality in Christian Marriage - Part II  
This handout is designed to be read as a follow-up to "Sexuality in Christian Marriage – Part I."  It provides information and education about marital sexuality and is designed for engaged couples who will marry in the near future or couples who have been recently married. 

Other Handouts:

 Premarital Counseling What it is and Why it Matters  
An initial step for engaged couples is to seek premarital counseling.  ACCFS has developed this document which reviews some of the biblical principles that guide premarital counseling and explains why the church has an opportunity and responsibility to help engaged couples transition into marriage.

A Triangular Model of Love  
This handout looks at God's design for love in marriage by reviewing three aspects of love: commitment, emotional intimacy, and passion. It was developed by ACCFS.

11 Rules for Respect and Open Communication in Relationships 
This document, developed by ACCFS, focuses on 11 specific rules that can help your relationships stay healthy. While at first glance, the rules may look like common sense, many relationship problems occur because these rules are not followed.

Forgiveness: What it is, What it isn't, and How to Do it    El PERDON: ¿QUÉ ES?  ¿QUÉ NO ES? Y ¿CÓMO SE PRACTICA?
Forgiveness is important to every relationship that we have. This document focuses on understanding what forgiveness is and isn't in order to help detangle misunderstandings that can hinder relationship healing. Included are practical steps for thinking through forgiveness and how it is different from reconciliation.  This document was developed by ACCFS.

Emotional Needs Questionnaire  
This questionnaire helps couples express their emotional needs and their perceptions of each other's emotional needs.  It can serve as a tool to help couples communicate and understand each other better.

Accountability Questions for Engaged Couples 
Engaged couples need to be accountable to each other and to God.  This document, developed by ACCFS, presents a sample list of accountability questions for engaged individuals to review and answer regularly during their engagement. Some of the questions are specific to maintaining godly, healthy boundaries in the relationship while other questions are about maintaining a proper spiritual focus during the engagement.
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