Dysfunctional Families

Family dynamics and relatonships are as varied as the number of families.  However, biblical principles can be applied to help families establish the kind of relationships that will make for good memories and be God-honoring.

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11 Rules for Respect and Open Communication in Relationships  
This document focuses on 11 specific rules that can help your relationships stay healthy. While at first glance the rules may look to you like common sense, many relationship problems occur because they are not followed. Do your best to follow the 11 rules and your relationships are sure to benefit!  

Forgiveness: What it is, What it isn't, and How to Do it 
Forgiveness is important to almost every relationship that we have. This document focuses on understanding what forgiveness is and isn't in order to help detangle myths that can hinder healing. Practical steps for thinking through forgiveness and how it is different from reconciliation are presented. This document is also available in Spanish El PERDON: ¿QUÉ ES? ¿QUÉ NO ES? Y ¿CÓMO SE PRACTICA?


Keys of Effective Family Relationships  

This presentation explores biblical principles for effective family relationships.

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